Marine, OIL,GAS & Petrochemical Cables 
British Standard Fire resistant Shipwiring cable

 Marine, OIL,GAS & Petrochemical Cables

Norwegian Offshore cable to NEK 606 Marine, OIL,GAS & Petrochemical Cables

RFOU Power 1kV

RFOU Instrumentation IEC60092-376

RFOU Instrumentation NEK606

BFOU Power 1kV

BFOU Instrumentation IEC60092-376

BFOU Instrumentation NEK606

British Standard Shipwiring cable to BS 6883  

Unarmoured flexible power cables

Flexible armoured Power cables

Unarmoured flexible screened instrumentation cables

Flexible armoured screened Instrument cables
British Standard Fire resistant Shipwiring cables to BS 7917 Marine, OIL,GAS & Petrochemical CablesMarine, OIL,GAS & Petrochemical Cables

Unarmoured 1kV Power

  Armoured 1kV Power
  Unarmoured 250V Instrumentation

Armoured 250V Instrumentation

European lightweight marine cables to IEC 60092
  Power cables to IEC 60092-350  
Instrumentation to IEC 60092-375