OMS Link Warranty

This warranty covers the Permanent Link of the network: which includes the cable and connecting hardware. This warranty does not cover other elements of the channel, such as patch cords, equipment cords and faceplates etc.Caledonian will honor claims on this warranty for 30 years, on condition that the electrical performance provided by the combination of the different components of the permanent link have been certified by Caledonian to meet the industry standard, as defined by the TIA 568 series standard for the "permanent link" in force at time of purchase with the following conditions.

1. All the connectivity equipment used in the network must be supplied by one or more of the approved suppliers AND each component must be verified by UL, ITS/ETL, or other independent testing agency to meet the TIA568 standard in force at the time of purchase. Please contact Caledonian sales for the approved connectivity manufacturers.

2. Each link in the network must be field tested and have passed all TIA 568 requirements. Minimum testing includes Attenuation, Near End Crosstalk, Far End Crosstalk, Return Loss, PS NEXT, ELFEXT, and PS ELFEXT.

3. The network system must be designed and installed by "BICSI Certified" or Caledonian approved designers and installers.

  OMS Channel Warranty

This warranty covers the channel link of the network. The OMS Channel Warranty will cover all components of the channel, which include telecommunications outlet, horizontal cabling, patch panels, patch cords and the equipment cords. Caledonian will honor claims on this warranty for 30 years under the same condition of OMS Link Warranty.

Caledonian offers OMS program as a Lifetime Applications Assurance and Extended product warranty that ensures all the system components will exceed the applicable standard requirement together with supporting any current and future application. Caledonian makes this extended product warranty available to BISCI or Caledonian certified installers to offer identical assurances and warranties to their customers for certified OMS System installations.

These warranties cover the reasonable cost of labor to remedy a warranty claim, but do not cover the cost of any products or associated labor not sold or provided by Caledonian, and are not transferable from original installation.

  CALEDONIAN Product Warranties

CALEDONIAN cables shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for certain years from the date of purchase depends on product variety.

To claim warranty, contact your sales representative. All units must be returned to Caledonian prepaid with a brief description of the warranty issue. Include dated copy of the sales slip or other proof of purchase, if available.

CALEDONIAN makes no express warranties regarding its product other than those set forth herein, and all implied warranties, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON INFRINGEMENT, HEREBY ARE EXCLUDED. Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, Caledonian's sole liability for product defects shall not exceed the purchase price of the products. CALEDONIAN IN NO EVENT SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR SPECIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND.